Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Treats

First off, full disclosure: I did not make either of these tasty treats, but I want to.  I will, they are too good not to make myself.

For the past three years I have made the long trek up to New Haven, CT to enjoy  Thanksgiving with my friend's family.  They are a highly entertaining bunch, great to hang out with and they have been kind enough to invite me back each year.  My favorite part of any holiday is the desserts and this year there were 11 desserts for 19 people.  The best is the anginetti cookies that my friend's mom makes.
mmm good
They are delicious soft bite sized cookies with an anise (licorice) frosting on top.  Normally I am not a fan of anise at all, but I cannot get enough of these little guys.  I asked for the recipe, but, unknown to even my friend, the recipe is apparently on lock down and has not been shared with anyone.  Her fear is that I would take it and make them better.  Let's face it, I am not that kind of baker.  I explained this to her and explained that perfection cannot be made better, but nothing worked.  Even my friend and her brother were helping my cause.  How would their aunts find out if she gave me the recipe?  They wouldn't.  I promise.

Alas, I have arrived back in New York empty handed.  My last plea included a threat to find a recipe and spend the 15 days I will have at home over the holidays in South Dakota finding a better recipe.  I really don't want to, but I guess I have no choice now.  If I get to go back next Thanksgiving, I have to have something in hand, but I doubt it will be as good as her cookies, maybe then she'll be ready to share the secret.
 The second holiday treat sounds terrible, but is absolutely wonderful and pure alcohol was a  Pumpkin Martini.  Delicious and so smooth with Carmel Irish Cream, Vanilla Vodka, and pumpkin liquor.  I am very excited to make them myself and a little scared to drink to much of them.  I may have to make my parents have the ingredients ready for when I get home at Christmas.  It's not to late for pumpkin at that point right?

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