Saturday, July 16, 2011

MIA appoligies.

So for the few of you that read this I fully apologize for my lack of posting.  It's summer and the Fourth of July,  my birthday, and a trip to Boston have consumed much of my time.  I have been baking and cooking, but mostly quick summer things that everyone knows or I've already posted like avocado dip or  spinach salad paired with yummy burgers and hot dogs on the grill.  

4th of July Big Boy Skakes
Birthday and Stamping Party in the Park
Sam Adams Brewery Tour in Boston
Typical summer dinner. mmmmmmm

Subject: hot gooey sticky sweet caramelly meringuy stuff

I've also made some delicious family recipes that, as much as I would love to, I simply cannot share.  I might not be allowed back in to South Dakota if I did.  Since I cannot share the recipes, I thought I would share my coworkers hilarious emails about the rhubarb torte and promise to post new recipes soon. I have a a lot of delicious grill recipes that I want to try and some great summer desserts to try out.
Without further ado, Pascale's reaction to torte:

this is the best thing you've done yet. it's gorgeously yummy. i wish i hadnt heated it up cos the crust on the bottom (whatever that's called) is the best thing (yes the meringue is a lovely touch) but the crust is terrific, and when you don't heat it up it comes through more, a bit more crunchy, and it doesn't get lost in the rhubarbness. and when you find rhubarb, it's like finding money or a jewel or something.  

if i didn't have an intern sitting under my nose, i'd lick my plate clean....maybe in the "kitchen"

i heated it up too much! give me one more chance, oh pleeeeze! (just kidding)
thanks, thanks and thannks!@(#$@)*#

Subject: update

it really is like kinda a drug. you get all excited and wide eyed and alert, and everything in your head seems alright again.
what the hell
dangerous slippery road your kitchen-creation.
tis better cold.
you get to taste everything distinctly
thanks for my second chance !
my plate is already half-empty
no! i mean half full.
i am so lucky sometimes.
thank you

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